Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Supernatural Kingdom

I worry that this thing might get complicated. Anything you really need to know will be mentioned within the context of the story pieces. So this is really just for the curious.

Basically, I sat down one day and had a free write. I sometimes have a question pop into my head, and this time it happened to be, "What if supernatural creatures ruled the world?" Then I just write and explore. With some extra work to put everything in order, this is what I have.

Note: This information is mostly for the past. Some things have changed since the supernaturals ruled the world. But most of this info is still true.

The Three Kingdoms

-invulnerable to magic, but also unable to cast it
-they are dead, so they are almost impossible to immobilize or destroy, never tire out, and don't need sleep
-they rely heavily on their Dhampir guards (see further down)
-calculating, life is like a chess game
-they are natural predators, so they have a way to read people that helps control and neutralize (Seen being used here successfully and seen attempted here quite unsuccessfully.

The humans/sims in the vampire kingdom are actually rather well cared for and well defended. They are a source for their ruler's food, so of course a good vampire lord or lady would take care of them. In general, this can vary. And what a vampire ruler likes to do with his own subjects varies depending on personal tastes. (In other words, they can be as cruel as Elizabeth of Bathory if they wish.)

Trivial Note: Henry is a bit unusual with his pet human who can cast magic.

Their enemy: The werewolves. A werewolf attack can be so ferocious when angry that they can take down a vampire before he has time to pull himself back together.

-strong physically, have strong melee attacks
-can transform into a full wolf with glowing eyes or into a hybrid which makes them stronger than in regular form
-slave to their emotions and desires (anger and lust)
- cannot focus enough to use magic
-not immune to magic, but not weak against it (in other words, a spell may not stop them, but it just might if the spell caster gets lucky)

Their humans live in absolute terror. It is not uncommon for a lord or lady werewolf to become angry and go on a rampage. Depending on how bad the ruler is, they might find they have an issue with keeping population up. So the werewolves, from time to time, may go raid a neighboring kingdom to steal more humans.

Their enemy: Mermaids. The mermaids have tough hides from living underwater. It works as a resistance to the werewolves main form of attack.

AKA mermen, merwomen, merpeople

- have a tough scaly hide
-can travel above water
-physically they are strong
-are weak against magic (no one knows if they can cast it since they fear it and have probably never tried)
-are rather slow moving

Their humans are left to fend for themselves most of the time. Mermaids live in the sea and only come up when they need or want something. These humans have the most freedom, but they are also most likely to be decimated by an attack from a neighboring kingdom (usually a werewolf) as they have no way to contact the mermaid lords for help and hte mermaids offer no other means of protection (like the Vampire's Dhampir Guards).

Their enemy: The vampires. The vampires cannot cast magic spells, but they have guards who can. This gives them an advantage. Also, merpeople are slow, so in face to face combat with a vampire, they cannot immobilize them.

Basically, I have it worked out like Rock, Scissors, Paper.

Werewolves beat vamps, Mermaids beat werewolves, and vampires beat mermaids. That's about as complex as I can get.


Dhampir guards
-These are people who are half human and half vampire (Like in real life with humans, Vampire females can only have children until their eggs run out and then no more. So generally the pairing is a vampire male and human female.)

-Dhampirs are sterile, so they cannot have their own families
-are usually taken away from their parents anyway and raised as soldiers and guards for the vampire rulers. They are taught fighting, magic, and loyalty.
-are half immune to magic, and their magic is weak
-are alive and can feel pain, cannot usually regenerate

You must be going, where are the elves? Well, I will say they did not have a kingdom. Otherwise, at this time there is no data.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lord Henry

Age: ???
Children: ? Unless you count the pet he raised
Primary Aspiration: Romance


Henry is actually William Carfax found here by Atomic Space Kitty.

Henry has lived a long life. Once the ruler of his own kingdom, he raised humans who had magical skill as pets. His crowning glory apparently turned on him and brought about a curse which has made him unable to stand in the day light again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Demi Love

Aprox. Age: Unknown
Parents: N/A
Partner: Water Mellon
Children: Melanie Love, Shannen Love,
College: No
Job: Stay at home mother
Primary Aspiration: Knowledge


Demi Love used to be a police woman. She actually met Water when he was at college. She was the one who fake arrested him for the secret society.

Water enjoys telling the story about how he called the police until she finally came. "Did you know that they just stop coming after a while?"

Glenda Stratton

Aprox. Age: ~16 (teen sim)
Parents: Juan Stratton and Jeanie Stratton
Siblings: Sofia Stratton (Half), Tristin Stratton (Half), Maxen Stratton (twin)
Primary Aspiration:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water Mellon

Aprox. Age: ~33
Parents: Ann Mellon and Alec Mellon (deceased)
Partner: Demi Love
Children: Gabriel Mellon, Melanie Love, Shannen Love
Job: Celebrity Chef and restaurateur
Primary Aspiration: Romance

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Richard Mellon, III

Nick Name: Rich
Aprox. Age: ~17 or 18 (Teen sim goin' off to college)
Parents: Richard Mellon, Jr, The Mayor and Genesis Mellon
Siblings: Gabriel Mellon, Gracie Mellon
Primary Aspiration: Fortune

Link to stories containing Richard Mellon, III.


Will be the next Mayor.

Gabe's brother and generally his partner in crime.

Don't tell anyone this, but he absolutely dotes on his baby sister.

Sofia Stratton

Aprox. Age: ~28 or 29
Parents: Juan Stratton and Lydia Stratton (Deceased)
Partner: Joseph Hanby (aka "Mr. Big")
Children: You must be joking!
College: Some; Dropped out
Job: Night Club Owner
Primary Aspiration: Romance

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I think if I told you anything, she might reach out of my monitor and kill me.